Favorite Newsletters of 2019

Hey, you savvy developer and/or creative person!

We all know that email newsletters have made a big comeback! Newsletters are a great way to keep current with tech, developer news, or other interests. With the absolute firehose of content on the internet, newsletters have become crucial to curate the best content to read. Isn’t that why you’re here? 😉

In this annual blog post, I want to share some of my favorites of 2019.

Inbox Zero

I’m a big believer in Inbox Zero. Inbox Zero is a movement to keep your inbox empty!

With all these newsletters, it can be a challenge to keep a trim inbox and I’ve spent the last few years looking for a solution to this.

Previously I used Unroll.me but I immediately stopped when it was unveiled that they scan and sell your data.

Recently I’ve been using and loving the free iOS app Stoop Inbox. The app first provides a custom @stoopinbox.com email address to use for newsletters, then it provides a Pocket-type reading experience for them. I’ve been unsubscribing to all newsletters and signing up again with my Stoop email and my inbox is cleeean ✨

Favorite Newsletters of 2019

Software Engineering

  • Chris Ferdinandi (Go Make Things) - Quick, high-quality tutorials on vanilla JavaScript.
  • CSS-Tricks (This Week in Web Design and Development) - Roundup of frontend blog posts.
  • JavaScript Weekly - Roundup of JavaScript news, blog posts, tutorials, and jobs.
  • React Status - Roundup of React news, blog posts, and jobs.
  • Tyler McGinnis - High-quality, in-depth posts on JavaScript and React.


  • Tim Ferriss (5-Bullet Friday) - Roundup of business, health, and creativity product and book recommendations. Great life quotes and wide-ranging content.

Entrepreneurship and Makers

  • IndieHackers - Roundup of recent interviews of indie developer makers with top questions and answers from community of makers.
  • Justin Jackson - Write-ups about his journey in online entrepreneurship, product building, and leadership.
  • Starter Story - Stories about humble products making big money.
  • Product Hunt - Entertaining write-ups about tech and best new products.
  • Y Combinator - Startup news and advice for growing companies, running teams, and fundraising. Also contains the best of Hacker News.


  • Andreesan-Horowitz (a16z) - Industry thoughts and predictions from VCs, generally high-quality long-form content.
  • Angel List - Industry thoughts and predictions, generally high-quality short-form content.
  • Benedict Evans - Industry thoughts and predictions from a VC, generally high-quality long-form content.
  • Fred Wilson (AVC) - Business and leadership thoughts from a VC.
  • Glimpse - Fantastic industry, product, and professional trends with beautiful graphs.
  • LAUNCH Ticker - Curated top tech news stories. Great for keeping up with IPOs and upcoming product launches.
  • The Hustle - Tech news centered around industry trends.

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Thanks for reading! You’re my favorite person for sticking around until the end. 🍻

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