Using Notion Templates to Create a Weekly Agenda

My previous post What Makes Notion Great was about my favorite features of and what makes it an incredible productivity tool.

This time we'll take a deeper look at one of Notion's most powerful features: templates.

What are Notion Templates?

Templates allow you to turn a page or blocks into a pattern that can be duplicated with the tap of a button.

Imagine a to-do list. There's a button "Add new task" at the bottom that generates a new to-do item when you tap it.

todo list example

Now, imagine this button can generate any text, page, or block type. This is the power of templates.

Especially in combination with Notion’s other features like databases and sub-pages, templates have so much potential to make repetitive tasks fast and simple.

Creating an agenda

To demonstrate the power of templates, let's create an agenda in Notion. This page will be an overview of your week, with each day having a dedicated page.

  1. Create a blank page.
  2. Add a header "Weekly Agenda".
  3. Create a Template using the ➕ Button and select Template (or type "/template" on desktop).
  4. Add "Start New Day" for the Button Name field.
  5. Add a new page to the Template field using the ➕ Button again (or "/page").
  6. Inside this new page, replace Untitled with "Day (DATE)". Remember this is our template page, not our actual page. Anything we put here will be copied over every time we use the template button.
  7. Now add anything to this page that we want each day's page to contain. For me, it's important to have daily tasks, notes, and my calendar displayed. Here's how to embed Google Calendar.
  8. Navigate back to your Weekly Agenda page.
  9. Now, every day you can tap "Start New Day" to generate a copy of your template to fill out!

You can preview below what I came up with. If you want to try the template out, go here to view my Weekly Agenda page then tap "Duplicate" to save it to your workspace.

Notion Template Button

Notion Template Generated Page

Changing your template

To change your template, tap the ... on "Start New Day" then select Configure. Or, on desktop hover over the "Start New Day" and tap the gear icon.

Creating a weekly agenda (Optional)

Nicely done! You've successfully created an agenda using templates.

Now, say you wanted to separate your weekly agendas by weeks of the month. You can do this by creating a "Monthly Agenda" page which contains a weekly agenda template. Inside the weekly agenda template contains a "Weekly Agenda" template.

With this, you could have your agendas separated by months, weeks, and days. Using the search function it's a trivial task to track down what you did on any day.

Experiment and share!

Now, experiment to your heart's content! This powerful feature can be combined with databases and embedded blocks to make you incredibly productive.

You can even share your templates with others at Notion’s official template gallery or the user-created I encourage you to check out the fantastic templates for inspiration.