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Project Description

It seems like cheating to mention this site, but it's been an invaluable way to learn. I've use it as a testing ground for new, interesting technologies and to challenge my understanding.

In the beginning, this site was nothing but a simple static portfolio with HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of JavaScript. As I learned more, the design and platforms have changed multiple times.

At first, the static files were hosted on S3 and I hosted the website using GitHub Pages. It was a wonderful setup, but I wanted to use Sass and other developer tools as I was learning about them.

When I learned that GitHub Pages could be configured I began to dig in. I learned about Jekyll, the underlying technology and began to configure the setup. I eventually added Sass and simple blogging.

This added a ton of complexity and due to Jekyll's design and GitHub Pages' constraints, I had to use Git hooks and scripts that felt inefficienet and unnecessary. Unexpectedly, I had drawn myself into a corner.

Frustrated by the solution I created, I decided to change platforms to use WordPress, the tried and true solution for bloggers. Of course this posed problems as well. All of a sudden, I had to use WordPress paradigms like theming, which is wonderful for dynamic sites but totally unnecessary for a simple static site. I decided that the only WordPress component I wanted was the CMS for blogging.

More recently, I was inspired by the changes in JavaScript and decided to rewrite the app entirely in React and React Router. I'm happy to report that it's using the latest development tools including Webpack, Sass, and ES6.